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Hadong GreenTea : Hadong GreenTea is high quality handmedatea using wild green tea nautrally grown in jirisan

Hadong Greentea

Story of Hadong

Natural and geographical environment

Geographical location and its domain

Geographical location and its domain Hadong-gun is located in the southwestern part of GyeongsangNam-do which is situated in the southern tip of Korean peninsula. It borders on Jinju-City and Sacheon-City to the east. To the west, it adjoins Gwangyang-City and Gurye-Gun, JeollaNamdo(or Jeonnam), marked by the Seomjingang(river). The South Sea forms a boundary between the southern part of Hadong-Gun and Namhae-Gun. And To the north it bounds on Sancheong-Gun, Hamyang-Gun and Namwon-City, JeollaNam-do, divided by Jirisan(mountain).

Hadong-Gun is in the scope of social and economic influence of Jinju-City. It is also under the influence of Gwangyang-City, which is part of Honam area (Jella-do provinces), southwestern part of Korea due to its geographical location. Hadong-Gun is a place where not only Yeongnam(Southeastern part of Korea) and Honam influence assimilate but also cultural and economical activities of both provinces interchange.

Natural environment

Hadong-Gun is leaning against Jirisan to the north and faces Hallyeo Maritime National Park in the South Sea. The Seomjingang risen from Jirisan, the last mountain on the Baekdu Mountain Range, and flown into the South Sea is the lifeline of Hadong. The beautiful white sand along the river in harmony with surrounding nature creates magnificent sceneries. Its southern part is littered with many islands and bays. The Sobaek Mountain Range stretching from north to south created Jirisan and Baegunsan. The Seomjingang runs through the mountains and creates an alluvial plain. Hwagae area is mountainous region with many peaks reaching over 1,000 m.

Since the topography of Hadong-Gun is high to the north, low to the south, long from east to west, and narrow from south to north, it makes it harder to connect east and west provinces together. Hadong-Gun is surrounded by an industrial belt linking Jinju-City and Sacheon-City to the east, an industrial belt around Gwangyang to the west, Hallyeo Maritime National Park and the clean sea area to the south, and Jirisan National Park to the north. As such it is said it takes shape of `Baesanimsu’ (meaning location backed by a mountain and facing a river) according to Feng Shui theory, thus forming ideal environment for human habitation.


The climate is mild thanks to the South Sea and Jirisan. The average annual temperature is 14.3℃ with the lowest and the highest 4.4℃, 32.7℃ respectively.

This area is heavily affected by a seasonal wind due to the Sobaek Mountain Range. Summer is hot and humid due to south-easterly wind whereas winter is cold and dry due to north-easterly wind. Hadong area has relatively high precipitation. In 2003, Hadong had the precipitation of 2,230mm, which is much higher than national average of 1,159mm.

The prevailing wind in spring is south southwest wind, in summer, south southwest wind and north northeast wind, in autumn, west southwest wind, and in winter, north northwest wind

The mountains and valleys in Hadong are high and deep.
There are so many small and large rivers including the Seomjingang that the area is foggy.
During the tea harvesting season, temperature varies a lot between day and nighttime.
These climatic conditions contribute to excellent taste of Hadong tea.
In addition, well drained rich soil in Hadong is also helpful to produce high quality tea leaves.

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Hadong wild green tea in Jirisan

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