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Hadong GreenTea : Hadong GreenTea is high quality handmedatea using wild green tea nautrally grown in jirisan

Hadong Greentea

Hadong Green Tea


Increase the demand for green tea and improve development potential of green tea industry.

  • As people are more interested in health and medicinal foods and environmentally friendly and wellbeing leisure activities, demand for green tea has grown continuously.
  • Green tea industry is considered to have high potential for future development as it can be applied and fused to other industries including everyday items, food material, medical, and bio industries.

With the implementation of 5 day work system, people have more time for leisure activities and are interested in family oriented experience type tours. And the popularity of spending 5 days in the city and 2 days in the country is increasing rapidly.

With the expansion of wide area transportation networks, access is easier.

  • As Hadong-gun is located at the joint of Yeongnam and Hadong areas, access to Hadong from other areas is easy.
  • With the construction of Daejeon-Jinju Expressway and the starting of KTX express train service, access to Hadong from Seoul Metropolitan area has improved tremendously. When the Gyeongjeon Line becomes a double track line, access to Hadong will improve further.

Recognition of 'Hadong' brand has improved markedly

  • Hadong-gun has been featured as a backdrop of television dramas for its beautiful nature. And the Cherry Blossom Festival, Wild Tea Culture Festival and other events have raised the name recognition of Hadong.
  • Improved name recognition and 'Hadong Green Tea' brand established through the geographic indication system will further improve the development potential of local green tea industry.

Strong will of Hadong-gun government

  • Hadong green tea industry has been selected as the region-related industry of the 1st 5-year plan for the balanced national development. This will provide further impetus for the development of Hadong green tea industry
  • Hadong green tea industry has been selected as a strategic special industry for the innovative local development plan by Gyeongsangnam-do government, which is actively pursuing the development of Hadong green tea industry as part of its development plan for underdeveloped areas.
  • To nurture and develop green tea industry, Hadong-gun provincial government has established a department which exclusively handles green tea related matters in Jan. 1999, and expanded related budget(1.2 billion won in 1999 -> 3.5 billion won in 2004). In addition, Hadong-gun government is promoting the industry through green tea festivals, advertisements, and other PR activities.

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Hadong wild green tea in Jirisan

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