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Hadong GreenTea : Hadong GreenTea is high quality handmedatea using wild green tea nautrally grown in jirisan

Hadong Greentea

Special Green Tea Zone

Special Green Tea Zone

Designation of special district of green tea

Designation of special district of green tea

Projects for the development of Hadong Green Tea

  • Project for the construction of a cooperative processing facility
    • Construction of a cooperative processing facility was planned to produce the same high quality tea under the brand of Hadong Green Tea,
  • Project for the reinvigoration of Hadong Green Tea Science Research Center
    • Construction of a research center was planned to do green tea related research and development activities(Green tea culture research, new variety development, and food development, etc) and provide services to farmers
  • Project for the internationalization of Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival
    • The purpose is to expand local cultural festival, ‘Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival’, into an international one and make Hadong a world hub of green tea industry
  • Project for the construction of Green Tea Experience Village and develop wild tea fields into tourist attractions
    • A Green Tea Experience Village is for the tourists to experience tea production process(picking and roasting tea leaves).
  • Project for the operation of tea culture experience programs
    • To promote Hadong as the first tea plant cultivation area and the origin of tea culture, information and tea experience programs will be provided to tourists

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Hadong wild green tea in Jirisan

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