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Greentea tour : Hadong GreenTea is high quality handmedatea using wild green tea nautrally grown in jirisan

Greentea Tour

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First tea plant cultivation site

First tea plant cultivation site
The monument erected at the first tea plant cultivation site was built by Korean Tea Lovers Association. 'Tea Day' was proclaimed on May 25, 1981 at Chokseongnu in Jinju and a monument was erected in front of the temple gate of Ssanggyesa. The full name of the monument is 'A monument of first tea tree cultivation site in memory of Kim Daeryeom, a Silla envoy to Tang.' The front side of monument was written by Rev. Ilta of Haeinsa(temple) and the backside was written by Dr. Lee Seon-geun, former president of Dongguk University.

Ssanggyesa in Jirisan is the first tea plant cultivation site in Korea. The fact is firm and clear. Korean Tea Lovers Association has built this monument to memorialize the fact that Kim Daeryeom brought tea seeds from China, planted them here in Hwagaegol, and made Hwagae the source of Korean tea culture. In addition, May 25, when new tea sprout comes out was designated as 'Tea Day' to promote and solidify Korean tea culture.

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Hadong wild green tea in Jirisan

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