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Community : Hadong GreenTea is high quality handmedatea using wild green tea nautrally grown in jirisan


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How can I get to Hadong?

  • By bus
    • Express bus service is provided from Seoul and Busan to Hadong.
    • How can I get to Hadong from other areas?
      Come to Jinju first. At most of the intercity bus terminals, bus service to Jinju is provided. Come to Jinju and take a bus to Hadong.? Bus service is provided from Jinju to Hadong every 30 minutes.
  • By air
    • Unfortunately, no air service to Hadong is provided.
      From Gimpo Airport(Seoul), take a flight to Sacheon(Jinju).
  • By car
    • A detailed map is provided on this web site for the drivers.
      We hope that this will help you.

How can I get to the recommended tea related tourist attractions?

When you come to Hadong Intercity Bus Terminal, there are buses to these places.
Ssanggyesa(temple) - Direct bus service is provided from Hadong.
First tea tree cultivation site - As it is in front of Ssanggyesa, take a bus to Ssanggyesa.
Tea Culture Center - As it is on the way to Ssanggyesa, take a bus to Ssanggyesa.
Sagi Village - Take a bus to Jingyo. Bus service is provided from Seoul and Busan to Jingyo.
Chilbulsa(temple) - Direct bus service is provided from Hadong.

How can I get more information on Hadong?

We provide information on Hadong through e-book service on the Internet.
You can see the natural scenery of Hadong surrounded by Jirisan and the Seomjingang and cultural properties.

When is the Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival?

The festival is held around May 25th, Tea Day, every year.
We cordially invite you to come and experience the many events including tea ceremony.

Can I see the sild tea fields?

We hope you can come and see them for yourself. But we also provide videos and photos of Hadong on the Internet. As the tea fields are scattered in the mountains instead of on a large flat plain, machines can't be used. People take care of the tea plants and hand pick tea leaves, which ensures high quality of tea product.

I heard that Hadong was designated as Special Green Tea Zone. What is this?

Hadong was designated as a Special Green Tea Zone by the government in recognition of its historical importance as the first tea plant cultivation site and its optimal condition for tea cultivation. The government is supporting to make Hadong tea a world class brand through the establishment of a green tea science research center and a cooperative green tea processing facility and the internationalization of Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival

How can I purchase Hadong Green Tea?

Individual green tea growers are selling their products to Japan and the U.S. Hadong-gun provincial government and tea growers are working together to export green tea to overseas Koreans.

Which green tea would you recommend?

Each individual has his or her own favorite and tea tastes different according to how it is brewed and drank. However, in general, Ujeon, made with young leaves sprout right after the hard winter and picked before April 20th, is the best. However, if you are a novice tea drinker, it is good to start with lower grade tea.

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Hadong wild green tea in Jirisan

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